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An awesome app that watches your home when you can't. Best buddies with ZoneMinder

part of the solution suite. zmNinja was developed using the oZone Mobile software suite.


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What is zmNinja?

zmNinja is an awesome home security app that works along with ZoneMinder. zmNinja is built using the awesome oZone Mobile software stack that can be customized for different NVR systems. Various studies have shown its approximately 73% better than warm butter on toast. zmNinja is not backed by a big corporation. It's just one dude, doing things at 2AM in the morning and then at 10PM at night. That's probably why it rocks

Designed with love

zmNinja has a beautifully fluid UI, designed with love. It's a big improvement over using the ZoneMinder console on your phone. Try it and I hope you'll agree

Awesome features

zmNinja has awesome features like a fluid montage, event montage and quick scrub just to name a few. Best of all, I'm dog-fooding my app every day and night so I keep adding cool stuff.


zmNinja works on Android as well as iOS. Well, don't just stop there. It also works on Linux, Windows and Mac desktops. And by 'works' I mean 'works gorgeously'.


zmNinja is a mobile first app. It uses the powerful ionic framework as a base and offers native like performance. Folks who have been trying to use ZoneMinder on their mobile phones without my app have had manic bouts of ecstacy after discover zmNinja

Source for you

Don't like something? Hack it and contribute back. Nothing like having source, eh?

Can't live without ZoneMinder

zmNinja and ZoneMinder are best buddies. Actually more than best buddies. zmNinja needs ZoneMinder to work. And ZoneMinder needs zmNinja to be awesome. Heh!




I've published the source code of zmNinja. It's free for personal use. You can read the license here

For developers:If you would like to make zmNinja better and you are a developer, feel free to fork and PR back. Make sure you read the contribution guidelines.

If you are feeling generous and want to show your support to the project via a donation, thank you! You have two options - donate to ZoneMinder or donate to zmNinja. While donating to zoneminder does not benefit zmNinja financially, zmNinja stands on the giant shoulders of ZoneMinder, and there are only a few guys maintaining ZoneMinder. So take your pick.


I'd love to hear from you on how you are using zmNinja and if you have suggestions for improvements.
Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions.

How to help shape the future of zmNinja

zmNinja has an active community on github. Please feel free to post suggestions using the github issue tracker for zmNinja here

If you have general questions and not really issues or enhancements, feel free to post your questions on the ZoneMinder mobile forum or reach out to me on Zoneminders #irc channel

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