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zmNinja website

zmNinja is a multi platform (iOS, Android, Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, Linux Desktop) client for ZoneMinder users. ZoneMinder is an incredible open source camera monitoring system and is used by many for home and commercial security monitoring.

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Before you ask for help

Video Demo

Check out a video demo of zmNinja here

Mobile Platforms

zmNinja is stable as of today and runs on a variety of Android and iOS platforms. See links above to get them on play store (Android) and app store (iOS)

It also runs on the desktop (see below)

Desktop Platforms

Please download binaries from here.

Key Features (just watch the video already)


To the zonemider community in general, and the awesome Stack Overflow community. But specifically, Andrew Bauer (knight-of-ni) who egged me on to take up this project and Isaac Connor who has been incredibly supportive in helping fix various ZM issues that affected zmNinja

Important Notes

Why did I develop zmNinja?